ZMILE Cosmetics Tiered Makeup Velvety Vanity Case – Dark Berry


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To have all of your cosmetic essentials with you, wherever you go, look no further than this fold out deluxe velvet cosmetic case. With an innovative collapsible design, this set includes 65 pieces of makeup, in shades and styles that are sure to suit anyone’s tastes. Whether you prefer to go for a more natural look of subtle and softer shades or like to experiment with something a bit more bold and daring, this set will have whatever you need. But this set is more than just a great opportunity for new and experienced cosmetics fans alike to enjoy their favourite styles. Packaged securely in a sleek and stylish velvet case, this set is the perfect thing for travel, allowing you to enjoy holidays, long journey’s and more, whilst safe in the knowledge that you’ll have everything you’ll need to look fantastic.

This set includes:32x Eyeshadow,5x Blush,1x 2 color lip pencil,1x Mascara,2x Colored eye pencil,1x Lipstick,2x Lipgloss,4x Body Glitter cream,4x Cream Eyeshadow,1x Eyebrow wax,2x Eyeshadow Primer,8x Concealer,3x Eyebrow powder

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