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Love Urban Beauty are a distributor of cosmetic gift sets, particularly vanity cases, palettes, gift bags and more. We strive to create the perfect balance between quality, presentation and affordability, ensuring our products are beautiful and designed to last, while the makeup itself is cruelty free and of a high standard.

One of our most successful products, the 60 piece vanity case, is exemplary of the attention to detail and value for money that the Love Urban Beauty range represents, with a generous selection of fantastic makeup items in a stylish and reusable aluminium-style case.

Love Urban Beauty has seen impressive growth over the past two years as an established brand in the beauty industry. We have visited a number of exhibitions and attracted high-profile customers from the UK and Ireland, featured in several catalogues and publications and seen our products reach #1 bestseller status on huge online marketplaces such as Amazon. We are excited to see this growth continue well into the future, as we continue to bring fresh and innovative new products to the market.