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Let’s be honest, if you’ve come to this page, you’re not looking for long-winded walls of text about what we do, or where we come from. You’re here because you want to see for yourself the top tier of what we have to offer.

The real deal. The best of the best.

That’s why we’ve put together five products that our customers can’t get enough of, so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

60 Piece Vanity Case

The OG itself. The very best of the best. This Vanity Case was the first in our range to truly take the market by storm, and has only grown in popularity since then. Combining portability with an exciting range of makeup, to 60pc Dazzling Case has been a must-have for teens and holiday goers for years now.

Perfect for makeup newbies and true beauty aficionados alike, this case really ticks all the boxes!

Sometimes, a natural, subtle look will serve you best, bringing out the most from your own natural beauty. And other times, you want to absolutely blow the doors off with a look so striking and extravagant that it’ll leave everyone’s jaws on the floor. Well, with this Vegan Divine Beauty Case, you won’t have to worry about choosing between the two! This set has been designed to cater to a wide range of looks, from classics such as natural or smoky styles, to electrifying, more experimental options.

Ideal for those with a flair for experimenting with bold new looks, this is a case that really helps to reward your creativity!

As with everything in modern life, when it comes to beauty, there’s more to consider than just finding the right look to suit you. This Vegan Bliss Vanity Case was the first in our trailblazing range of Vegan Makeup Cases, and is completely free of animal products, in the hopes that we can not only make our products more accessible to the Vegan/Vegetarian community, but also to lessen our impact as a brand on animals in general.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this Vegan Bliss Case… its that vegan makeup looks just as good, so why not make the switch to going animal-product free!

It takes a lot to craft the perfect look, but to take your beauty game to the next level, sometimes the simplest touches can be the most effective. This Cheeky Looks Highlighter Palette combines a lightweight formula with strong, highly pigmented colours, allowing you to add definition and illumination without overwhelming your own natural beauty! Alongside the included professional-quality makeup brush, this Cheeky Looks Highlighter Palette is a godsend when it comes to creating a truly jaw-dropping look

For a quick and easy way to amp up your cosmetic collection, look no further!

Everybody loves the festive season! Spending time with family and friends, watching old movies, listening to Christmas songs, panicking about the rapidly approaching glut of Christmas parties, family dos, and get-togethers… okay, maybe not that last one! This Vegan Makeup Advent Calendar is your saving grace when it comes to getting ready for the busy holiday season, constantly topping up your beauty collection with a new piece of makeup for each day building up to Christmas!

With Christmas rapidly approaching, this Vegan Makeup Advent Calendar is perfect for topping up your cosmetic collection!