Cancellations, Refunds & Returns Policy

No matter how much we prepare, check, and double check your orders, we appreciate that there is always a slim chance that something goes wrong. And in those circumstances, we believe that it’s only fair that you have all the opportunities you need to resolve these issues when they arise. If you are unsatisfied with an order you have received in any way, please contact us, and a member of our dedicated team will happily look into how best to solve your problem.


Here at Love Urban Beauty, we get that, sometimes, purchases can be made in the heat of the moment, and it’s only later that you realise you don’t need or want the item you just ordered… well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

If you want to cancel your order before it has been despatched, then please bear in mind that you will need to notify us as soon as possible. As most orders are shipped out on the next working day, or even the same working day if payment is made before 2pm, there may be only a slim time window to ensure an order is stopped before it can be sent out from our warehouse. While cancellations will still be processed for any orders that have been despatched already, the process is much faster if the item can be stopped before an item has been sent out, as we will be able to process a full refund straight away.

In line with Distance Selling Regulations, you are entitled to return an item to us within 14 days of receiving it, for any reason. The item must then arrive back at our warehouse within 14 days of you sending it, and once it has been received, we will then issue you with a full refund within (you guessed it) 14 days.

If an item you’ve ordered develops a fault* within the first six months, we are still happy to accept a cancellation. However, we will often require photographic evidence of the damage or fault the item suffers from, to verify that it is no longer usable as expected.

*Please note that this does not include damage suffered to the item as a result of misuse by the customer


In order to safeguard us and our customers from any kind of fraudulent activity, any refunds that we issue can only be issued to the same payment source used to purchase the item in the first place. We will also never issue a refund to a different recipient than the original customer themselves.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse to issue a refund for items that have exceeded the 14 day cancellation window. Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis (except for in the case of faulty products, as detailed in the Cancellations section), and may not be issued in cases where the item has been damaged due to customer misuse..


Once we have agreed to a cancellation request, as explained previously you will have 14 days to ship the item to the following address:

About Us Love Urban Beauty

Returns Department

Love Urban Beauty
Unit 6, Bevan Close
Finedon Road Industrial Estate
United Kingdom

Please ensure that all returns are confirmed via email with a member of staff before sending them, so that we can verify the exact circumstances surrounding why the item has been deemed unsatisfactory, and that it falls within our Cancellations policy. While some unauthorized returns may still be processed, such as if they demonstrably fall within the

timespan of the Distance Selling Regulations, we cannot guarantee that all unauthorized returns will be processed without contacting the customer first. If we are unable to contact the customer, then the item will be disposed of, and no refund issued, for health and safety reasons.

For items that have arrived incorrectly or damaged, we will happily cover any return costs you might incur in addition to issuing a full refund. However, these will be dependent on photographic evidence, demonstrating that the item has been received damaged/faulty/incorrect.

  • Item deemed unsatisfactory, but neither damaged nor faulty
  • Incorrect item/variety of item ordered (ie, wrong colour)
  • Ordered for a specific event, without taking delivery times into reasonable account (ie, ordering for a birthday in two days’ time, without Expedited shipping)
  • Item no longer required/wanted

We will still issue a full refund under these circumstances in accordance with our Cancellation policy, but return postage will be the responsibility of the customer unless explicitly told otherwise.

As most of our products are cosmetics, there are certain health and safety stipulations detailed in the Distance Selling Regulations that apply to the vast majority of products. Products containing makeup can only be returned if they are damaged and/or faulty, or if they are completely sealed and unused in any way. If opened makeup is returned to us without our explicit consent, then we reserve the right to dispose of or destroy it, without issuing a full refund. These rules exist as there are hygiene risks to purchasing beauty products online, and we cannot take the chance of used cosmetics somehow intermingling with our own stock.


If you have received a damaged or incorrect order, but instead of a refund you would rather receive the item that you originally ordered, then we are happy to offer replacements under most circumstances. Please confirm with a member of staff that you would prefer an exchange, rather than refund, and we will process this once the original item has been returned back to us. Be aware that a refund will not be issued, under situations when a replacement is to be sent out. We will only ever send one replacement out for an order; under the extremely unlikely circumstances that both orders are damaged or incorrect (ie, the original order and its replacement), then a refund will be issued.

We may also accept exchanges, in situations where the incorrect item has been ordered. These will only be offered under very strict circumstances, and are completely at the discretion of the member of staff dealing with that particular case. We may accept an exchange for an item of a similar value to the original item, or so long as the proposed

exchange is for a logical replacement. For example, if a pink vanity case is to be replaced, we may accept sending out a blue case of the same value, but we will not send out an advent calendar regardless of value.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject any replacements or exchanges for any reason. Under situations where these have been rejected, the customer will be referred back to the original Cancellation Policy.