Vegan Makeup Vanity Case ZMILE Cosmetics Traveller Beauty Gift Set Blue 79pcs


  • BEAUTY IS FUN: The Love Urban Beauty 79-piece makeup kit for women is the only set you need for a complete and glamorous look! Have fun trying out different shades and textures and experiment with a new side of the rebel you.
  • COMPLETE SET: The Traveller Love Urban makeup case includes 79 beauty products for you to try on. You get a wide palette with 40 eyeshadows in bright and shimmery colours, 6 blushers, many shades of lipstick and lipgloss, pencils, and brushes.
  • COMPACT CASE: Our makeup beauty box has a unique fold-out design that allows you to carry all of your makeup products without taking up too much space. It is great for traveling due to the sturdy materials that protects your shadows from shocks and drops. This makeup box has a retro suitcase-style design is sure to catch everyone’s eye and make you feel like a glamorous celebrity.
  • 100% VEGAN: The makeup within this case is certified to be 100% Vegan, so you can enjoy your favourite cosmetics safe in the knowledge that they’re cruelty free!
  • Includes 40 Eyeshadows, 2 Lipglosses, 4 Blushers, 2 High;ighters, 4 Eyebrow Powders, 16 Cream Lipglosses, 3 Lipsticks, 3 Nail Polish, a Double Ended Lip Pencil, a Double Ended Eye Pencil, a five piece Applicator Set, and a built-in mirror!

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You can just imagine it now; the sunshine, the beautiful white beaches and pure blue seas, the tropical cocktails and exotic locales… let’s be honest, sometimes there’s nothing better than a holiday to break you out of the monotony of day-to-day life! The only downside is that, with all of these lifelong memories and unforgettable moments going on, you’ll want to look your best… which can be difficult when you’re favourite cosmetics are back home, half the world away! Our 79 Piece Vegan Blue Traveller Vanity Case is the ultimate holiday companion, perfect for ensuring that you’ve got just the beauty tricks you need, no matter where life takes you!

With the lipglosses, eyeshadows, and more found within, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect look, in an array of bright shades to suit the summer sun. This set is also great for teenagers, or anyone just starting out into the wild world of cosmetics, with enough beauty products inside that they’ll have free reign to experiment and discover the look that suits them best!

With its ingenious fold-out design and sturdy outer case, this Blue Traveller Vanity Case is perfectly designed to accompany you on your travels, whether you’ve got a weekend away planned, or you’re jetting off to somewhere hundreds of miles away! Not only that, but the retro suitcase-style design is sure to catch everyone’s eye, and get you in the mood for your next holiday!

ZMILE Cosmetics understand that you want to enjoy your favourite beauty products, safe in the knowledge that they’re not causing unnecessary harm to animals. As such, we can certify that all of the makeup in this case is 100% Vegan, so you can continue to use your favourite cosmetics guilt-free!

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