Love Urban Beauty – Divine Beauty French Manicure 76 Piece Makeup Box Gift Set – Eyeshadows Highlighter Lipstick Blush Brushes Teenage Vanity Carry Case


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Forget everything you think you know about makeup.

Throw out the rulebook, cast aside those old-fashioned colour combinations, and ignore all the haters that tell you what you can and can’t do… you have your own style, and with this Divine Beauty Vanity Case from Love Urban Beauty, you’ll have everything you need to craft a look that suits you perfectly!

Boasting a wide variety of shades and colours, this set is ideal for beauty fans of all ages, styles, and skin tones. An array of eyeshadows offer endless scope for experimenting with new and exciting combinations, from the electric greens and vivid blues, to subtle greys and natural nudes tones. Not only that, but the range of highlighters, applicators and tools inside are ideal for tailoring your look to absolute perfection.

The Divine Beauty set is perfect for makeup mavericks of all ages, but makes a great gift for teenagers or those just starting out into the wild world of cosmetics. The sheer range of shades and colours inside are ideally suited for experimenting, and finding the style that suits you best!

With its eye-catching black-and-red design, the Divine Beauty set is sure to be the centre of attention in anyone’s collection, but by no means is it all style over substance! The sturdy, aluminium framed case is purpose-built with travel in mind, meaning you can take your favourite cosmetics with you on holidays and weekends away.

The Divine Beauty Set includes:
48 Eyeshadows
2 Blushers
3 Highlighter Powders
2 Lipsticks
3 Coloured Nail Polishes
A Clear Nail Polish
A Double-Ended Eye Pencil (2 shades)
A Double-Ended Lip Pencil (2 shades)
A Nail Whitener Pencil
A Long Handled Applicator
An Eyebrow Brush/Comb
3 Double Ended Applicators
A Large Blusher Brush
A Nail Sticker Selection
Nail Art Diamonds
A Nail File
A Nail Clipper
A Toe Seperator
And an Aluminium Carry Case, to store it all in!

Case Dimensions – 25cm x 17cm x 9cm

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