Vegan Makeup Essentials Vanity Case Love Urban Beauty Travel Cosmetic Set 64pcs


  • FIND YOUR STYLE: This Love Urban Beauty makeup set for women has everything you need to experiment with color and find what suits you best. Fun, exciting, and super easy to put on, these makeup products are a great beginner’s kit.
  • WHAT YOU GET: This stunning makeup case comes with 64 beauty products that can help you try out numerous looks. Play with the 9 eyeshadow palettes, blushers, lipglosses, lipsticks, nail tools, and polish to rediscover your beauty.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All our makeup products are made with top-quality ingredients. They are free of harsh chemicals or toxins that could irritate your skin. The eyeshadows are very easy to blend and pigmented, being a great option for a makeup beginner.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT CASE: Our makeup bundle comes in a classy silver case; the 18 x 25 x 9 cm box is compact, lightweight, and super easy to travel with. It’s so chic that you can even use it as a handbag on a girl’s night out.
  • 100% VEGAN: We believe that nobody should have to compromise, in the name of beauty. That’s why this makeup set is 100% vegan, as well as being cruelty free and not tested on animals.

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When it comes to makeup, we all have our favourites. Whether it’s that one key shade of eyeshadow to electrify your eyes, or a touch of lipstick to add an air of old school sophistication, finding the right beauty secrets can be the key to creating a truly memorable look. But when you’re travelling far from home and you want to look your best, you can hardly take your entire collection with you…Well, with this 64 Piece Love Urban Beauty  Vegan Essentials Vanity Case, you’ll have everything you’ll need to create an effortlessly elegant look no matter where life takes you!

There’s a wide variety of cosmetics to be found inside, including eye-shadows, nail polish, blushers and more, all in an array of shades and styles. Not only that, but it also includes a full set of applicators, making this set all you’ll need to experiment with new and exciting looks, whether you’re at home, on a romantic getaway, or an exotic vacation!

While this Vegan Essentials set makes a great addition to anyone’s cosmetic collection, it’s also an excellent starter set for teenagers, offering them the range of colours and tools they’ll need to find the look that suits them best. Even better, it all comes stored in a convenient and sturdy aluminium framed carry case, to make storing and transporting your new favourite makeup even easier.

At Love Urban Beauty, we believe everyone should be free to enjoy their cosmetics without compromise; that’s why this makeup set is 100% vegan, so you can enjoy a bold new look, safe in the knowledge that it’s cruelty free!

36 x Eyeshadows (9 x Eyeshadow Quartets)
4 x Nail Polishes
4 x Lipsticks
1 x Bronzer
1 x Blusher
1 x Sheet of Nail Stickers
1 x Toe Separator
1 x Double Ended Eye Pencil
1 x Double Ended Lip Pencil
1 x Nail Whitener Pencil
1 x Nail File
1 x Makeup Compact with Mirror
4 x Double Ended Applicators
1 x Nail Clippers
3 x Makeup Brushes
1 x Stylish, striped-silver Vanity Case to carry it in!
Case Dimensions: 18cm (W) x 25.5cm (L) x 9.2cm (D)

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Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 18 × 25.5 × 9 cm





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