82 Piece Tiered Black Beauty ZMILE Cosmetics Case


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There are times in life when you want to look your very best. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway in some exotic locale, or you’ve got an exciting weekend planned, these memorable moments call for a truly unforgettable look to match! The only problem is, when these lifelong memories are being made hundreds of miles from home, it can be difficult to have the cosmetics you need at hand…

Our 82 Piece Black Beauty Tiered Vanity Case is the ultimate travel accessory, giving you everything you could ever need for creating effortlessly elegant or irresistibly exciting looks, no matter where life takes you! There’s a huge variety of makeup to be found within, including eyeshadows, lip-gloss, and more, all in a vast array of shades and colours to suit all styles. Not only that, but the built-in mirror and the range of applicators included mean you can easily adjust or top up your look, even if you’re thousands of miles away from your usual cosmetic essentials!

The ingenious fold-out design of this case makes it perfect for storing large amounts of makeup, without taking up too much valuable luggage space. Combined with its sturdy design and secure buckled clasp, this makes this set ideal for holidays and journeys far from home. However, this set is more than just the perfect travel companion for beauty aficionados; the sheer range of cosmetics found inside make this a wonderful gift for teenagers, or anyone just getting started in the wonderful world of makeup!

Here at Love Urban Beauty, we’re dedicated to ensuring that all of our makeup is 100% cruelty free; that’s why our vanity cases are PETA Certified, and guaranteed to not be tested on animals.

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82 Piece Black Beauty Vanity Case