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Getting started in the wide and wonderful world of cosmetics can be pretty daunting. After all, there’s so many things to consider; what products to get, what kinds of shades and colours suit the look you’re going for, or even what tools and applicators you’ll need to make sure everything looks perfect… let’s face it, for a newcomer, all of this can be quite intimidating!

This 60 Piece Vanity Case is the answer to all of these makeup woes, offering a solution to the agony of choice by offering countless combinations in a single set! Within the sturdy aluminium framed travel case, you’ll find a diverse range of beauty products and applicators, perfect for experimenting and discovering a bold, exciting new look.

This set boasts a wide variety of shades and colours, enough to suit all styles and occasions. Subtle skin tones and smoky greys combine for a timeless, classic look, while electric blues and vivid greens are sure to create a dazzling style, perfect for long summer evenings! There’s also an array of tools and applicators included, so you can effortlessly perfect your look.

While this Vanity Case would make a great addition to anyone’s cosmetic collection, it’s also a perfect starter set for teenagers, or anyone just starting to take an interest in makeup. The sheer variety of beauty products inside offer endless scope for experimenting with different colours and combinations, until they’ve found the look that suits them best! Even better, the secure aluminium-framed carry case makes this ideal for holidays and long trips, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your favourite cosmetics behind when you’re travelling far from home!

Here at Love Urban Beauty, we’re passionate about ensuring that all of our makeup is 100% cruelty free; that’s why all of our Vanity Cases are PETA Certified, and guaranteed to not be tested on animals.

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