Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream 50g


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There’s nothing more frustrating than spending ages painstakingly removing any unsightly or unwanted hair from your face and body… especially when you know it won’t be too long until all of that hair has grown back again!

Our specially formulated Hair Growth Inhibitor provides an effective solution to long-term, irritating and undesirable hair growth; with regular use, the active ingredients begin to inhibit the growth of hair in the applied area, reducing and delaying any future regrowth. And application couldn’t be easier; this cream simply needs to be massaged into the skin for 5-10 minutes, once the area has been fully shaven, waxed, or otherwise rendered hairless!

Here at Love Urban Beauty, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our skin-care products are 100% cruelty free; that’s why our Hair Growth Inhibitor is guaranteed to not be tested on animals, and is made in the United Kingdom to reduce its carbon cost.

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