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RRP £40.49
Barcode 4038432012380
Product Code SCHMINK1238
Dimensions 19 × 18 × 18.5 cm
Weight 0.916 kg
Units per Carton 4

As fun and exciting as holidays can be, there’s only one issue. Whether you’re enjoying some fine dining in one the world’s best restaurants, or if you’re partying from sundown to sunup on some exotic beach, you know that when lifelong memories are being made, you’ll want an unforgettable look to match… which can be difficult, when all of your favourite cosmetics are at home, thousands of miles away!

Our 62 Piece Luminous Acrylic Vanity Case is the ultimate makeup emergency kit, no matter how far from home your travels take you! You’ll find a wide range of beauty products inside, including eyeshadows, lip-glosses and more, with enough applicators to let you tailor your look to perfection. Not only that, but there’s enough colours and shades to suit all styles, whether you prefer the subtle beauty of natural tones, or the electrifying allure of iridescent blues and greens.

The ingenious fold-out design of this case means you can easily fit this entire set in your luggage or suitcase, while the durable acrylic casing and aluminium frame mean it’s sturdy enough to withstand even the longest journeys! This set is more than just the perfect travel companion, however; with the myriad of tools, beauty products and shades inside, it’s also perfect for teenagers just starting out with makeup, giving them everything they need to experiment and find their own look!

Here at Love Urban Beauty, we’re dedicated to ensuring that all of our makeup is 100% cruelty free; that’s why our Vanity Cases are guaranteed to not be tested on animals.

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